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Guangdong TG Floor System
TG Machinery is a machinery and equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service, focusing on the production of floor grinding machinery
Remote control drive control, all-aluminum thickened gearbox
9-steel gears transmission, cast aluminum thickened gearbox, rubber shock absorber
New 5-gears transmission mode, good grinding flatness, strong tear resistance

Create a global intelligent floor grinding machine system
    Guangdong Tangong Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. focus on floor grinding machinery manufacturing and innovation.     The company is committed to the innovation of cutting-edge technology and the creation of a global intelligent floor grinding machine system. Core technology and R&D strength are the basis for the company to achieve product landing, production and rapid market occupation. For this purpose, professional mechanical design R&D and production and manufacturing teams have been established respectively. Based on the deep integration of R&D and production of intelligent manufacturing systems, strict quality requirements and high precision The advanced processing technology, together with the experienced production and manufacturing team, intelligent innovation, integrate the craftsmanship spirit of excellence into design, trial production, test machine, and improve performance, so as to achieve meticulous craftsmanship and mass production to every link. As an explorer in the flooring industry, Tangong Machinery has continuously introduced technical exploration and application practices in human-computer interaction, human-computer intelligence, etc., with mature industry construction experience and professional service platforms, has provided and implemented for different construction needs. Customized solutions.
Years of production experience
Products throughout the industry, covering multiple Industrial city, won the praise of our customers
Help customers provide product processing solutions

To help customers provide floor solutions and technical guidance, we
of machinery in 32 regions nationwide
Full range of automated production
A full range of automated production and measurement high-end equipment and designed for customers
A range of optimized solutions in production and processing


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How to make the   floor like mirror?You will need the following materials and tools.Concrete Floor GrinderThe floor grinder is mainly used for ground grinding. It can effectively carry out concrete...
It's impressive how many objects in our daily lives actually go through a grinding (or milling) procedure. From bread to cooling medicine to paint to sealing, grinding is a critical step in bringin...
They are most commonly used on concrete and rock floors. Floor grinders can help with specific floor issues and produce a neat, level surface area ready for additional treatment. The machine uses t...
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Tangong Machinery is a machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. Focus on floor grinding machinery manufacturing and innovation.

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